About Me

An Irish Content Creator residing on the beaches of Portugal pursuing my passion for writing, yoga, and travel.

Creative Writer

I am a Creative Writer specializing in health and wellness, spirituality, holistic healing, and erotica. With 10+ years of experience, I have created viral content for large companies and niche brands. With a BSc degree in Psychology, my area of expertise ventures into nutrition, mental health, and mindfulness.

Social Media Specialist

Social Media Savvy! I have seven years of experience as a Social Media Manager working with influential brands including Boohoo, Vita Coco & Hippeas. More recently, my role as Creative Director has overseen all social aspects at Daya Jewelry, such as content creator, marketing manager, and head of influencer outreach.

Sattva Yoga Teacher

While living in India, I attained my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Sattva Yoga Academy in the heart of Rishikesh. I guide myself and others through a series of mindful movement that explores Pranayama, Asana, and Meditation. This aspect of my career creates sweet harmony between the mind, body & soul.